Choose the Right Shower Trays for Walk-in Showers

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While choosing a new shower for your bathroom for comforting the person with a disability in your home, it is vital to make sure the shower tray is also perfectly fit for purpose. The specialists in mobility bathing already comprehend this need and use the best-suited shower trays designed exclusively for the mobility bathing marketplace.

Many may find the special kinds of shower trays expensive than the normal ones but are very helpful for the individuals facing mobility difficulties. These can help you to avoid unfortunate accidents as are convenient and easy to use for the users.

You may get various options in the market like the shower stools in picky can be dangerous in a low-priced. Using a low-quality shower tray can hurt your loved ones. The lightweight shower trays are the best solution for your walk-in showers as having ample space to keep all the essentials in a systematic manner.

The shape of the shower tray is an important aspect you should consider. Buy the shape you like but make sure it is perfectly matching to your walk-in shower’s size and shape. Square, rectangular and quadrant are the most common shapes available in the array.

It also prevents water leakage as a result less chance of slip and fall. When you get the shower trays fitted from experts, there are no gaps for water to escape leaving a dry and comfortable space for your near and dear ones. You can get the space-saving designs from professionals to meet your specific bathroom design and your expectations.

Experience Blissful Relaxation with Hydrotherapy Walk in Tubs

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Hydrotherapy is one of the best forms of healing and relaxation for several decades. It offers restorative powers, improves your skin, gives peace of mind, and detoxifies the body. It gives relief from physical ailments. You can go to luxury spas and therapeutic baths to enjoy its ultimate benefits. But, for all, it’s not possible including seniors and individuals with a disability or reduced mobility.

Now you can enjoy such overwhelming benefits of hydrotherapy at home with hydrotherapy walk in tubs. Yes, many popular companies are offering you several options to revitalize the spirit, body, soul, and mind at the comforts of your place. We are aware of the advantages of walk-in bath for our loved ones and a walk in tub with therapeutic power would be borax on gold.

A walk in tub can provide -

Splendid soaking experience

You can enjoy warm waters soak into your bodies and souls making you feel more alive and refresh. It enhances your mood and physical rejuvenation.

Comforts with its exclusive design

Two-way doors, high-quality material, and comfortable design with leak-proof doors of the walk-in tubs make you enjoy every minute of your soak. You can use perfumed soaps or gel to make every bath special and delighted.

Less or no risk of slip and fall

These tubs are very safe and are designed carefully by experts to provide utmost comforts with least risk of fall and slip. So, you will be relaxed that your loved ones are enjoying the healing without worries. These are very easy to use.


For the seniors and disabled folks, these provide independence and confidence of doing their chores by own. Walk in tubs come with doors and shower head so you can enjoy a shower too.

Investment for future

The walk in tubs are easy to install and can be fitted in small space. Additionally, these bring a new look and feel to the bathroom enhancing the value of your place. It is like a future investment. You can enjoy your aging at the same place as your near and dear ones even with less mobility. It can also help in avoiding assisted living in the future.

So, get one installed in your space and enjoy its comforts, sooth your mind, body, and soul.

Make your Bathroom Ready for the House Party

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Creating and decorating a perfect bathroom can be a tricky task. Integrating the practicality is the most important aspect in doing so. You need to be very careful and creative when hosting a party at home because of the traffic to bathroom increases. With some experts help and tips, you can make your bathroom congregate the entire needs and becomes a relaxing and indulging space.

Follow these tips and get ready your bathroom for the party – Cleaning is the first step

Let’s begin with the cleaning process. If you have a fully-equipped bathroom that you need to only clean the place efficiently to bring in the shine. The glasses of the walk-in shower should be clean. All the essentials like soap, gel, tissue papers should have to be placed in advance. And, have extra of these to avoid last minute hurry.

Decorative Curtains

If your bathroom curtains are old and you are thinking to change them, this is the time. But if not, you can simply hang some designer decorative ornaments and colourful rings to bring in the party mood.

Add colours and Wreaths

Adding bright colours is a good way to bring in charm, joy, and happiness in the ambience. You can change the wall colours. Add some vases with original or artificial flowers to make the space aromatic. Also, add wreaths to make it more beautiful and cherishing.

Add new walk-in bath

Your guests or relatives may stay with you for a few days and to ease their stay, add a new walk-in bath. This is good for all aged guests. Whether they are children or seniors with walk-in baths they will feel more comfortable and pleasing.

Mix and match storage

Whatever size of storage you have in your bathroom, make it expressive. You can use a blend of concealed and open storage so you can put away the unsightly, and flaunt the stunning bottles and stuff you use daily. This will also help them to get what they need without disturbing many of your personal stuff.

Follow the Tips and Ensure the Safety of your Elders and Kids

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We love our elders and want to do best for them to make them feel delighted over the aged factors affecting their health. Our worries upsurge when they face decreased mobility. Many of us prefer to install walk-in bath showers, walk-in bathtubs and many other such types of equipment to ease their routine life. Additionally, these are beneficial for our babies as they require the same care as elders do. These also make them feel independent and happy.

But, accidents can happen anywhere, even in the bathroom. So, prevention is better than cure and here are some safety tips which can increase the safety of your loved ones.

Inward-Outward opening doors

When you install the walk-in baths, make sure it has both inwards and outward opening doors. This will help them easy entry and exit without any fear of slip and fall.

Use Slip-free taps and strips under the bathtub

When getting out of the walk-in bathtub, even from a low height, one can slip. To avoid such conditions you can use no-slip strips and mats.

Safeguard bathroom against kids

To avoid any accidents with your kids, it is better to keep the bathroom lock after every use. If not possible, try let them not alone or unattended in the bathroom. Keep all the medicines and bathroom cleaning products away from their reach.

Adjust water heaters

Keep the water heaters set at a certain temperature so that your seniors or kids do not scald themselves with hot water.

Keep the soaps and shampoos to minimum

It is better to place only single shampoo, soap and gel in reach of your elders for their bath or shower. This will reduce the risk of dropping other things while taking one they need.

Grab bars

When we lose balance, the first thing we try is grabbing whatever ear to us. So install grab bars in strategic places, like on the wall next to the walk-in shower or tub. Make sure the grabs are strong enough to hold their weight.

Unplug or remove the electronics from the bathroom

Use of electronic appliances like hair dryer, straightener, etc. is common in the bathroom area. To avoid any shocks and injuries to elders it is better to remove or unplug them after every use.

Handled shower head

You can install handled shower head for their convenience and making their shower soothing, safe and delighted.

Walk-in Showers, Bath or Wet Room, What Should You Choose?

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When mobility starts declining, we plan to renovate our bathroom. Fortunately, we have different options like walk-in showers, walk-in baths, and wet rooms. All have their own advantages and disadvantages that make the choice difficult. Depending upon your personal choices and preferences, you can make a well-versed choice.

Know them well to choose the best option for you comprising your entire needs and requirements.

Walk in baths

Walk in baths are best for the people who prefer bath than shower but face problem in getting in and out. Walk in baths are accessible easily in distinct variants.

Soak yourself and relax.

In this, you can soak and relax your aching muscles. For the individuals facing joint pain or problems like arthritis, this can provide a soothing and enjoyable bathing experience.

Low step

Especially designed low step door makes your entry and exit easy and safe.

Fits in small space.

The mini walk-in shower bath fits for limited space. These are packed with all the features and more of bigger walk-in baths at affordable prices.

Easy to use and maintain

With experts, you can get the finest walk in baths that are not only simple, safe and easy but utter bliss too.

Walk-in showers

Vast choices available

You can pick from the huge array of options available in walk-in showers range. You can buy stylish, safe and affordable walk-in shower solutions meeting any sized bathroom.

Safe shower experience

These come with many elective extras available counting assistance poles, grab rails, fold down seating and duckboards for that little extra help.

Easy access

For the people with less mobility, walk-in bath showers give them the freedom to enjoy their shower fruitfully without the help of others.

Enhanced looks

In addition, to ease your bathing experience, walk-in showers also enhance the overall look of your space. The luxurious looking glass doors with elegant frames, add style and charm to the place.

Wet rooms

It is best for your near and dear ones having severe problems with mobility and is unable to use a shower or bath. It crafts a superior shower area than a traditional shower area and is mainly appropriate to wheelchair entrance.

Wet rooms bring aesthetic appearance and can boost the price of your belongings.

Regain your independence with the best wet rooms at your home as these provide obstruction free entry and exit.

For privacy, curtains can be added that also keeps spread of water to least.

So, pick the best walk in shower, walk in bath or wet rooms for your place suiting your specific needs and desires.


Choose the best walk in baths for couples

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Regardless of how lovey- dovey you are in whatever other room of the home, at times, with regards to the bathroom, couples can rapidly turn from cutesy to aggressive.

When you’re in a race to get prepared for work or you have arrangements to meet the in-laws and are running behind, there’s nothing more terrible than holding up with a bite of toothpaste while your other half has got shaving cream everywhere throughout the ledge.Spare yourself from the anxiety by introducing ‘his and hers’ sinks.

Choose walk in showers or walk in baths to make your bathroom more renovated and new-looking. In the event that you have space to play with, consider introducing separate units, which gives you the additional extravagance of your own stockpiling. On the other hand, in case you’re hoping to capitalize on a littler bathroom, a twofold bowl gives the same true serenity without overpowering your space.

A bathroom ought to be a spot where you can feel casual, regardless of the fact that you’re in somewhat of a surge. Be that as it may, it’s difficult to be quiet when you’re stumbling over towels or thumping toothbrushes on the floor.

Basic increments can have a colossal effect in a little, shared space by keeping things sorted out.

Capacity components, for example, a twofold robe snare or double toothbrush holders, mean there’s a spot for everything in the bathroom – and no reasons for when everything isn’t in its place.

While it’s an indispensable room when it’s an ideal opportunity to inspire prepared to go out, a bathroom is additionally an awesome spot to loosen up – and it can be sentimental as well.

Notwithstanding organizing your space so that it’s as utilitarian as could be expected under the circumstances, don’t pass up a great opportunity for the opportunity to fuse includes so you can likewise make the most of your bathroom with your exceptional someone. When it is an ideal opportunity to inspire prepared to go out, a washroom is additionally an incredible spot to loosen up – and it can be sentimental as well.

To make your bathroom refreshing and delighted choose the stylish and designer walk in baths and enjoy a wonderful time with your beloved.

Benefits of bamboo towels for babies

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Being parents are the most precious feeling and reason of happiness for couples. But, taking care of your beloved child becomes sometime challenging especially babies. It can be a tough task for making the temperature correct, best bath products to be used for baby, etc. you need the safe and effective products for your little ones to provide them a comfortable and soothing bathing experience.

Choosing the right bath towel is as important as the right baby bathing products and organic cotton towels made from bamboo is the best option. The bamboo towels are much more than water absorbent towels. They are completely safe and soft for the delicate skin of your baby. The softness of the organic bamboo towels will make your baby feel delighted and his bathing little easier.

Bamboo towels are made from natural fibre that makes baby’s skin enjoy the tender and soft feeling making him relax. These towels absorb more water leaving baby’s skin moisturized.

Using bamboo towels are best for your baby as it provide many more health benefits like it is hypoallergenic material reducing the symptoms of skin problems, allergies, asthma in small children. It keeps your baby warm in winter season and cool in hot weather due to its thermal regulating ability. This is best for the sensitive skin of your baby. These grow without insecticides and pesticides and its strong fibres do pill so provide lasting service.

Bamboo towels are odorless and antibacterial keeping your baby smelling fresh. On the online stores offering genuine organic bamboo towels and related products will offer you some stunning and stylish bamboo products in distinct ranges to make your shopping easy, convenient and cost-effective.

Choose the most stunning and soft bamboo towels for your baby and make them feel relaxed and enjoy a wonderful time with your baby while giving him a cosy bathing.

Special walk in steam shower tub for adorable bathroom

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Bathroom plans are turning out to be substantially more extravagant nowadays. Today there are numerous individuals anticipating incorporate rich sterile product and shower fitting to make their washing space an amazing one. With this you will find that top brands from the universe of sterile product have acquired and as yet dispatching pieces that offer a great deal more than the base essentials. Today the greater part of the walk in showers or bathtubs is intended to offer a one of a kind unwinding knowledge to the clients.

While shower tub combos were at that point a major hit, you will find that outlines in these with the additional steam component now managing the business sector. Yes, steam shower tub combos are soon turning into a hot pattern and numerous are deciding on these to prepared their fantasy bathrooms. If you are looking something innovative and relaxing to your bathroom, then add a combination of steam shower tub.

Benefits of steam shower tub

Essentially these are profoundly multi functional units which offer you more than one element at once. Besides, a different shower and a bathtub certainly imply more venture of sometime and cash. This single unit suits a bathtub and shower and gives a definitive component of a steam room also.

This one helps you enjoy advantages of a steam space for the wanted term with only a one time venture. Again the alternatives in outlines guarantee that you have one piece that appropriately fit in your shower. The wide value range makes it conceivable to pick an outline that fits in your financial plan.

While buying the best suited unit for your bathroom, there are myriad of options of walk in baths accessible in the market counting distinct designs, brands, sizes and price range. You can choose different options with several elegant features and the price also varies depending on the features you prefer to choose.


Benefits of walk in baths, bath lifts and walk in showers

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Walk in showers, shower lifts and walk in baths can make life less demanding for you, particularly if you have been compelled by confined versatility till now. These exertion sparing showering arrangements can make your bathing and shower experience charming and soothing again. With these inventive showers you will need no help of other individuals when you bathe. A walk in shower, for occurrence, will have deliberately situated ergonomic handles to grasp in the event that you slip.

Walk in Baths

Walk in showers are useful for the individuals who need to soak in bathtubs without worrying about getting in and out of the tub, or slipping on the wet tub floor. These as a rule have a water-tight entryway in favor of the shower tub that you open to get inside. These baths additionally have low edges, so you don’t need to move in or out of the tub. Simply open the entryway and walk in. Numerous models are furnished with several classy features. Great brands of walk in baths have thermostatically controlled taps and touch control handsets for basic operation. Hostile to slip floors and hold rails are other basic elements of walk in showers.

Bath lifts

These are useful for the individuals who would prefer truly not to introduce walk in showers or gives, or the individuals who need to travel often. Bath lifts are to some degree like convenient seats that ascent here and there with the utilization of a hand held control set. You put these inside a shower and raise it to the edge of the tub when you need to get in, or out. You bring down them to bathe. Some are inflatable seats that are controlled with a joined hand set. Others are compact force situates that look like little lift seats. These too are controlled with the assistance of touch-control handsets.

Walk in Showers

A walk in shower can regularly come connected to a walk in bath. It can likewise come as a stand-alone shower. A decent walk in shower will have a low edge, hostile to slip floor, and simple controls, as thermostatically controlled lever taps. Aside from that, it should have grasp rails and movable seats, on the off chance that you get drained while remaining in the shower.

So choose what you prefer for renovating your bathroom with the latest arrangement for making your bath easy, soothing and safe.

Mini walk in bath for small space

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Are you tired of cleaning the traditional bathroom doors and cleaning the shower curtains, still having the same boring bathroom, if yes you are not alone.

With the changing trends and innovation in technologies, people are shifting to some trendy and excellent ways to make their bathroom appear special and delighted. For several individuals, amalgamations of showers/tubs are no longer enviable. They want spacious, clean and clutter-free space where they can relax and enjoy soothing moments.

Dream of a soothing and spacious bath is common among folks, but the limitation of space in their bath area becomes a barrier in fulfilling their dream. If you desire to get a wonderful walk in bath in your bathroom, not to worry as it is possible with the introduction of mini walk in bath. The mini walk in baths is very compatible and can be placed in tiny space.

The mini walk in bath is packed with the delightful feature as covered in the normal sized walk in baths. It is prolifically designed for the individuals having limited space and facing bathing difficulties. Using the mini walk in baths is very easy and efficient. You can conveniently use it even when having limited space.

You can sit back and enjoy a long relaxing bath. If you like to take a shower, mini walk in baths accomplishes your entire desires. It makes bathing activity convenient and easy for seniors and disabled individuals of your family. It is an ideal solution when you are looking something elegant and efficient for your bathroom.

It provides luxurious bathing experience to individuals facing mobility problem as the door is of 4-6 inch making them easy to get in and out of the bath. The mini marvel walk in bath brings esthetic plea of your master retreat. It also adds value to your home so you get extra money while selling.