Follow the Tips and Ensure the Safety of your Elders and Kids

We love our elders and want to do best for them to make them feel delighted over the aged factors affecting their health. Our worries upsurge when they face decreased mobility. Many of us prefer to install walk-in bath showers, walk-in bathtubs and many other such types of equipment to ease their routine life. Additionally, these are beneficial for our babies as they require the same care as elders do. These also make them feel independent and happy.

But, accidents can happen anywhere, even in the bathroom. So, prevention is better than cure and here are some safety tips which can increase the safety of your loved ones.

Inward-Outward opening doors

When you install the walk-in baths, make sure it has both inwards and outward opening doors. This will help them easy entry and exit without any fear of slip and fall.

Use Slip-free taps and strips under the bathtub

When getting out of the walk-in bathtub, even from a low height, one can slip. To avoid such conditions you can use no-slip strips and mats.

Safeguard bathroom against kids

To avoid any accidents with your kids, it is better to keep the bathroom lock after every use. If not possible, try let them not alone or unattended in the bathroom. Keep all the medicines and bathroom cleaning products away from their reach.

Adjust water heaters

Keep the water heaters set at a certain temperature so that your seniors or kids do not scald themselves with hot water.

Keep the soaps and shampoos to minimum

It is better to place only single shampoo, soap and gel in reach of your elders for their bath or shower. This will reduce the risk of dropping other things while taking one they need.

Grab bars

When we lose balance, the first thing we try is grabbing whatever ear to us. So install grab bars in strategic places, like on the wall next to the walk-in shower or tub. Make sure the grabs are strong enough to hold their weight.

Unplug or remove the electronics from the bathroom

Use of electronic appliances like hair dryer, straightener, etc. is common in the bathroom area. To avoid any shocks and injuries to elders it is betterĀ to remove or unplug them after every use.

Handled shower head

You can install handled shower head for their convenience and making their shower soothing, safe and delighted.