Disabled Baths

Disabled baths are alternate word for a walk in baths and its products. Basically walk in baths and walk in bath tubs are designed for disabled people.

We specialize in design bath products for disabled people to aid them come out of their mobility problem, with the best solution by offering a spacious range of walk in baths and easy access shower.

Most common problems faced by disabled people that it’s increasingly very difficult to retain independence bathe. To solve this problem in best way we are come up with a wide range of disabled baths products and equipment which help them to take relaxing, independence bathe.

Disabled baths is perfect for a mobility impaired or elderly person so they can come in with just one small stride because of its easy accessible doors. It’s simply and best solution for safe, convenient and independence bathe. Disabled baths provide therapeutic benefits.

Our disabled baths covered all levels of need; we are providing services throughout the UK.

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